Wellness Tour to Himalaya Mountain

for 21 days
from 10.09. till 30.09.2016

for 14 days
from 17.09. till 30.09.2016

Dear friends, we invite You to join our Wellness journey to an amazing place in Himalaya Mountains.You will fall in to harmonious environment for strengthening all systems of the body and spiritual cleansing.

You can pass through 14 or 21 day Panchakarma course.

Submit application now, because number of participants is limited!
Allow yourself to have a rest, you deserved it.

Locally grown grape is cheap and very juicy
The mountain place of Chilianaula are famous by its wonderful views, where in good weather You can enjoy wonderful overlooks of the Himalayas. Visual range of the mountains lasts very far away, not at the tens but hundreds of kilometers. Misty clouds lie in the valley and snow-capped mountains sparkle and glistening in the sunshine. Huge size and magnificence of the nature, her crystal purity and innocence will allow you to forget completely about urban bustle and problems.
Mountains generously will share with You their priceless energy!
You will get possibility to find inner balance, to pay attention to yourself and may be to achieve
an important idea.
Bhole Baba Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center

Ayurvedic Clinic located in a very quiet and peaceful place, at the splendid area of Kumaon in the Himalayas near the Ashram and temple of Babaji Khayrakan. Although Saint left his physical body, he is considered as immortal soul and he is spiritual benefactor of the Clinic. The creation of the Clinic of Ayurveda was wish of Babaji, and it brings results more than two decades after he left his body.
Main aim of the philosophy of the clinic is to help peoples to sustain good health, to learn how to rebuilt integrity and health of the body, mind and soul through a combination of preventive and curative methods, individual treatments and group classes.
Research center and clinic are equipped by diagnostic equipment: laboratory (blood tests, etc.); x-ray; ECG; ultrasound device, ect...

What mean Panchakarma?
Panchakarma mean five actions or procedures ("panch"- mean five, "karma"- mean action). The purpose of each procedure is to output toxins of the body from different levels of the body – physical, emotional, mental. The concept of Panchakarma is unique – it is not fighting nor with symptoms of the disease nor with the disease. It destroys the factors which cause the disease.
After using methods of Panchakarma body restores self-regulation and regenerative functions, improves nutrition of cells, normalizes blood circulation and oxygen metabolism, improves the process of absorption and assimilation of nutrients, reducing immunity – strengthens and processes of resistance of the organism towards adverse factors of the environment.
According to Ayurveda first condition of health - is harmony and balance in the body.

Medical indications for Panchakarma:
-Increasing tone of the body, rejuvenation, decrease the harmful effects of stress, smoking, and decline dependence on medication, strengthening the immune system.
-Vegetative disorders: insomnia, neurosis, migraine, headaches.
- Diseases of cardiovascular system: high blood pressure, cardial insufficiency, arrhythmia, disruption of the blood circulation.
- Women's diseases: inflammatory diseases, menstrual disorders, heavy condition during menopause.
- Metabolic disorders: high level of cholesterol, diabetes, gout, rheumatism.
- Diseases of joints and spine: chronic joint pain, arthrosis, arthritis, pain in the spine.
- Diseases of the respiratory tract: sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, asthma,
- Skin diseases: acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema.

Tour programs:
Consultation with Doctor
General diagnostic of the body by tongue, nails, eyes, pulse, determination of body Constitution, making up an individual plan of treatment procedures and nutrition plan for each guest, recommendations for fixing results.

Two weeks of the individual Ayurvedic curative treatments , lasting from forty minutes to one and a half hours, at the most favorable conditions for body recovering, performing one or two specialists.

Yoga and breathing techniques
Daily morning classes of Hatha yoga for people with different levels of training. Breathing techniques or pranayama - aimed at harmonisation of consciousness, purification of the mind and the subtle nerve channels
Participation in Vedic rituals

Upon request, You will participate at fire ceremonies and rituals aimed at Your well-being and prosperity, also you can visit Vedic Astrological consultation.
Walk in the woods
Picturesque mountains, hiking, sunlight and the songs of the Himalayan forest will charge you by feeling of happiness and joy.

Time for yourself
We will visit ancient temples and places of power, Ayurvedic pharmacies and Traditional Indian Markets. We will be awarded by most unforgettable experiences and new vigor.

Cost of Panchakarma:
(includes all treatments, meals and doctor's consultation):
Panchakarma 14 days
Single occupancy - 750$
Double occupancy per person -
Panchakarma for 21 days
Single occupancy - 1100 $
Double occupancy per person - 600 $

Price including:
Consultation with Ayurvedic doctor
Procedures of Panchakarma 14 or 21 days
Ayurvedic nutrition
Yoga, pranayama, meditation
Services of guide
Paid extra
Visa and flight to Delhi
Participation in rituals
Astrological consultations
Tests at the research center
Transfer from the airport for 8-10 hours
Must have enough cash in local currency, nearby no ATMs
Due to mountain area WI-FI not always in a high-quality
More information
and the answers on the questions:

Wats App: +7-985-696-96-43 Katherine
e-mail: ketrin1171@gmail.com

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